The most common mistakes in building a fence

In this episode of Gadero TV, Henk Jan offers a few handy tips - specifically, he discusses the most common mistakes in building a fence. Want to know what those mistakes are? Read on and find out!

1. Lack of preparation

One common mistake in fence building is that people begin without proper preparation, for example: not measuring the required space. Without completing this step, you may not be able to finish the full length of your project with the materials you order. To make sure the materials can cover your entire project, we recommend measuring the space accurately, and sketching things out on paper. But if you are not sure, feel free to contact our customer support.

If you cannot match your project to existing fence panel sizes, try using trellis panels. A trellis screen is easy to cut to size, and can be used as a basis for growing climbing plants. This limits the potential for prying eyes while retaining a sense of open space.

2. Not enough distance between the bottom board and the ground

Another common mistake is to install the lowest board too close to the ground. This way, the board cannot dry out and will remain affected by rising damp. To optimise the lifespan of your fence, we recommend a minimum distance of 10 cm from the ground to the bottom board. This will allow the wind to blow the board dry.

3. Not using an auger for installing the fence posts

Failure to use an auger is another common mistake. Simply hammering the posts into the ground using a sledgehammer can damage the ends. Instead, use the auger to predrill the fence holes: not only is it better for your posts and poles, but it also makes the job much easier. Once a post has been placed into a predrilled hole, it can be hammered in an additional 20 centimetres - but no more than that.

4. Assembly method

A top tip for installing a panel fence and/or for using concrete posts is to finish your project one section at a time. Start with the first post, then the next, and place the fence panel in between. Then, move on to the next section. If, on the other hand, you are using individual fence boards we recommend first installing all of the posts or poles before attaching the boards. This will create a structurally stronger finish.

For more installation tips on fence building, have a look at our Gadero TV YouTube channel.

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