Picket fence panels

In this Gadero TV project, we are building a fence. But not just any fence: a deluxe, rugged hardwood fence that we’re assembling from picket fence panels. These low picket fences are a strong and bold statement for any front or back garden.

The hardwood fence panels in this episode use solid, planed hardwood. The slats and rails are 4.5 centimetres in diameter. This type of hardwood has a very long lifespan of 20 to 25 years, and can easily be sawn to size to match any garden, or even build your own gate.

Installing a garden fence

The first step is to install the hardwood posts (this episode uses smooth, planed 7 by 7 centimetre Bangkirai, or Yellow Balau, posts) by burying the ends in the ground about 70 centimetres in depth. A low-height fence picket fence like this does not require fast-setting concrete.

Because the fence panel is 180 centimetres in length, and because we affix it using 40 by 40 millimetre L-shaped brackets, we keep observing an interspace of 180.5 centimetres between the posts. Use the spirit level to make sure that the posts all extend out of the ground by the same amount. Then, affix the brackets to the posts using 4 x 30 millimetre screws. Position the panel between the posts, and secure it using screws.

Gates are available in 100 centimetre wide prefab models, but if you want a bespoke gate door, then simply saw one of the picket panels to size. These low gate doors can be affixed using hook and band hinges. Fix the hooks onto the posts and the bands onto the gates, and then simply hang the eyelets on the hooks. Add a lock or latch to keep the gate shut, and you’re done!