Installing solid composite decking

Assembling a deck using solid composite material boards

In Gadero TV episode 152, Ronny shows you how to assemble a solid composite material deck using stainless steel clips. Solid composite decking is strong and has a long lifespan. These solid decking boards do not even have to be installed at a slope. Solid composite decking boards are the ideal choice if you prefer a knot-free, uniform look. Composite material decking boards are all identical in colour, structure, and texture, resulting in a sleek, consistent finish. Composite material is also low-maintenance, making it a very popular choice.

Tuindeco’s solid composite decking boards are available in three colours: natural brown, classic grey, and anthracite.

These solid composite decking boards (2 cm in diameter) are 14 cm wide. They are available in three colours: natural brown, anthracite, and classic grey. The boards must be installed with an interspace of at least 5 mm, which is even easier when you use the matching clips. These clips are easily fixed in place using the included screws. Note that the boards have one smooth, and one textured side - your choice of which side goes up.

Building a solid composite deck using stainless steel clips

In hollow-chamber composite material, water may pool in the cavities within the boards. Hollow-chamber boards must therefore be installed at a 2% pitch. In this video, however, we are using solid composite material - which means that no angle is needed. Once a level foundation of 4.5 x 7 beams and rails has been built, you can move on to installing the decking. We recommend pre-drilling the screw holes required for the starter clips.

Once all of the starter clips have been secured to the rail, you can slide the first of the decking boards in place. Note that we recommend that you ask a second pair of hands to help with this part of the build. Then, move on to securing the T-clips, which go between the lines of boards. These clips have a handy notch on both sides, which let the boards slot close enough together while still allowing them enough room to shrink and expand. Each clip has a single screw hole, which can be used to easily fix it down.

Solid composite decking foundation

The foundation can be levelled out using rubber tile supports. This makes it easy to build a foundation that is fully level. The hardwood beams and rails should have a centre-to-centre distance of 30 centimetres. This ensures a secure, stable structure.

Advantages of solid composite decking

  • Greater colour fastness than timber;
  • Virtually zero maintenance;
  • Clips allow for blind fastening;
  • Available in different colours.

If you prefer hollow-chamber composite material, then click here. Can’t choose between hollow-chamber or solid composite?

List of materials for building a solid composite material deck 

  • Materials Solid composite material decking boards (available in 3 different colours)
  • Stainless steel starter/end clips
  • T-clips (between boards) 4.5 x 7 centimetre rails/joists
  • L-shaped corner profile strip (optional)
  • Rubber tile supports


  • Spacers
  • Spirit level
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Rubber hammer
  • Pliers
  • Saw
  • Tape measure

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