Installing roof tile texture sheets

In this episode of Gadero TV, Ronny demonstrates how to install roof tile texture sheets, using a Hamar canopy as the base. These roof tile texture sheets have a zinc-based coating, which protects them from the effects of corrosion. These anthracite roof tile sheets come in 1m2 kits.

These very complete kits include breathable film to prevent condensation, battens and counter-battens, matching ridge caps, and fitting materials. These roof tile texture sheets are available in anthracite grey, black, matte black, and terracotta red. - all in high-quality aluminium.

Preparation tips for roof tile texture sheet installation

Before you start affixing the battens, we recommend putting on safety gloves; the aluminium tile sheets can be very sharp. The roof tile texture sheets must be installed on a double layer: battens and counter-battens. The narrower counter-battens come first, and are installed lengthways, in the direction of the roof tile texture sheet pattern. The battens are then affixed on top of the counter-battens. Next, the roof tile texture sheets are mounted on the battens. Begin by measuring the size of the roof, and dividing this by the number of battens. This also lets you calculate the correct amount of interspace between the battens.

Make sure the screws you use are not too long for the diameter of the battens combined with the roofing boards; 25 mm long threaded screws will do.

Note that the screws must be installed along the lower section of the sheets: below the ‘tiles’, not above them.

Advantages of roof tile texture sheets

  • Tailored to your roof;
  • With nearly all required materials, including battens, ridge caps, and watertight screws;
  • The roof tile texture sheets come cut to measure;
  • In high-quality aluminium.

Differences between Aquapan and roof tile texture sheets

Aquapan tile sheets have a grit-like texture, and are finished with ridge caps and verges along the sides. The roof tile texture sheets only come with ridge caps. The advantage of Aquapan tile sheets is that they are easy to cut to size, and lighter in weight at only 6kg/m2. Aquapan roof sheets are suitable for roofs with a minimum pitch of 10 degrees.

Gadero tip : This is a project for at least two people, and needs a ladder or scaffold.

Required Gadero materials for installing roof tile texture sheets:


  • Roof tile texture sheets; anthracite grey, black, matte black, or terracotta red.
  • Wovar outdoor screw in 410 stainless steel - 4 x 40 mm Torx 20


  • Drill bit + bit sleeve
  • Cordless drill
  • Long spirit level
  • Yard stick
  • Safety gloves
  • Saw
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Ladder and/or scaffold 

When ordering the roof tile texture sheets, indicate the width and height of your roof. Once the order is complete, we will contact you to confirm the measurements and calculate the optimum number of roof tile texture sheets.

Gadero TV episode 153 shows you how canopy Hamar is assembled. This canopy was used as the basis for the roof tile texture sheets used in this video.

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